History and Focus

Since 1998, we have provided quality outdoor education programs in some of the most beautiful outdoor settings imaginable. Our curriculum is specifically designed to meet all current California State Standards for Science Content for 5th through 8th grade students from both private and public schools. Our focus is on providing dynamic, hands-on, outdoor science classes that are integrated with challenging ground-level team building activities and exciting high ropes adventure course elements. As your students become more aware of the wonders that surround them, they will find themselves in the midst of a unique and life-altering opportunity to investigate the natural environment, explore and understand current science concepts, and strengthen their own interpersonal relationship skills from outside the confines of the classroom.

High Sierra Outdoor Institute operates at locations in both northern and southern California to better serve your school, or organization, no matter where you live. We network with excellent camp and conference center facilities to ensure your experience is of the highest quality, not only from a programming standpoint, but also in lodging accommodations, food service, modern amenities, and professional guest services. Please contact us to schedule your next Outdoor Education Program.

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