Outdoor Education Program Descriptions

Over the course of nearly two decades of outdoor education programming we have developed curriculum that is designed to enhance and support the goals of the various segments within the community of educators. Our program content not only takes into account the needs of differing grade levels but is specifically designed to meet the needs of different types of schools and educational programs.

Utilizing a comprehensive Program Evaluation Process over these many years of service to our family of schools, we have developed not only a deeper sensitivity, but a greater capacity to respond, to the specific concerns of educators across the spectrum. From public to private school, from middle to high school, from rural to inner city school, from standard to special needs schools, from small to large we have outdoor education programs designed to specifically meet your needs.

STEM and CTS Science Programs

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This content is designed and is most appropriate for Public Schools and Charter Schools. Through a creative presentation of Scientific Method your students will discover and experience science as a disciplined, consistent, and fascinating method of inquiry into the natural world with the determination of discovering what is true as the ultimate goal. As your students embark on the experiential journey of strengthening their observational, analytical, and perceptual skills they find that nature is replete with natural phenomena that have a story to tell. Through a process of orderly investigation, students will come to a better understanding and a deeper appreciation of the wonders found within the remarkable life-forms and information-rich biological systems that they have had the privilege of exploring. The presentation of our curriculum is designed to remain strictly within the limitations and boundaries that are set by current interpretations of the “separation clause.”

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IDC Science Programs

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This content is designed and is most appropriate for Private Christian Schools and Home School Groups. Beginning with a creative presentation of William Paley’s “Watchmaker Argument” three scientific clues are discovered and offered as the means by which the Evidence of Intelligent Design can logically be detected. As your students embark on their own personal adventure of exploring the natural environment, they find that Creation is replete with these clues and come to the rational conclusion that the remarkable life-forms and biological systems that they have observed must be the result of the work of an “Intelligent Designer”.

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At Your School Programs

We now offer Outdoor Education programming at your school: this includes Private Schools, Public Schools, Charter Schools and Home School Groups. These programs are limited to one or two days in duration, depending on the content that will best suit your schedule and event goals. Suggested classes and activities include: Team Challenge and Low Ropes Elements, Archery, Herpetology (with live animals), Ornithology with Owl Pellet dissection, Riparian Studies water sample testing, and more. These activities are provided for one, or more, grade levels and can focus on recreational, or academic, goals.

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High School Specialty Programs

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This content is designed and is most appropriate for our Private Christian Schools and Home School Groups. After numerous requests, we have now developed a series of programs specifically designed for High School students. These are primarily, but not limited to, programs of shorter duration with a sharper focus on and greater depth in content. The goal of these programs is to better equip High School students to remain firmly rooted in their faith while moving on into adulthood in the midst of a culture that has become increasingly hostile toward the Christian worldview.

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