Chapels and Assemblies

Over the course of nearly two decades of Christian outdoor education programming we have been providing Chapel Services and School Assemblies designed to enhance and support the academic and spiritual goals of the Christian Education community. We offer these ministerial programs to K through 12 students with a focus on the revelation of God in His Creation. These programs are up to an hour in length and can include some video content. The content is designed to be entertaining as well as educational and spiritually challenging, as we share the intertwining of God’s Word and His Creation. This is our chance to minister to you, at your school, with your students and staff, while bringing a little taste of outdoor education into the “the great indoors”.

chapelsChapel Services

Chapel Services are provided at your convenience and in harmony with your school’s chapel schedule. While the main focus of the presentation is always on the revelation of God in His Creation, the depth of the content is always designed with the grade levels of the audience in mind. Depending on the main area of focus there may be video segments included in the service.

Please contact us to schedule your Chapel Service.

school-assembliesSchool Assemblies

This ministry is offered to K through 12 students from Christian Schools throughout the State of California. Bringing the entire HSOI instructional staff, we provide an introduction to our outdoor education campfire program. Our Christian songs and Christian themed skits bring your students and staff into direct participation with us, in a celebration of God’s revelation of Himself in His Creation.

Please contact us to schedule your School Assembly.