Revealing the Nature of God through the Study of Creation

“For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”Romans 1:20 KJV

After numerous requests, we have now developed a series of programs specifically designed for High School students. These are primarily, but not limited to, programs of shorter duration with a sharper focus on and greater depth in content. Our goal in High School outdoor ed is to equip students to remain firmly rooted in their faith while moving on into adulthood in the midst of a culture that has become increasingly hostile toward the Christian worldview.

Each High School outdoor ed program will begin with an introduction to the content and goals. Your students will be guided through scripture and discussion toward a greater understanding of how their faith influences daily life and their view of contemporary culture. Designed to be relational and interactive these programs will not only give your students a deeper experiential understanding of their own faith but will strengthen the skills needed to effectively share their faith with others.


Based upon First Corinthians 12: 12-14 students will be led through a variety of hands-on Team Building exercises. They will guide students through a sustained transition from an assembly of individuals into an effective team, or body; capable of working together to accomplish difficult and challenging tasks.

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Apologetics seminar at High School outdoor edAPOLOGETICS SEMINAR

A series of lectures, video presentations, and group discussions designed to thoroughly equip your students to understand and uphold the validity of the Christian faith. Avoiding the pitfalls of mere emotional arguments, these seminars will prepare your students to withstand both the frontal attacks and subtle influences of other world views.

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These seminars are based upon the scholarly work of Frances Rolleston, author of Mazzaroth, Lutheran Pastor Joseph E. Seiss, author of The Gospel in The Stars, and Anglican Minister E. W. Bullinger, author of The Witness of The Stars. This study will introduce your students to the original Hebrew understanding of the twelve major constellations that we now know as the Signs of the Zodiac. Prior to the man-made corruption of Astrology these signs were known as the Signs of the Mazzaroth and were designed by God to show forth the knowledge of the Gospel story.

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Intelligent Design Theory offers empirical evidence for the view that all life is the result of the purposeful work of an intelligent designer: God. Through a creative presentation of William Paley’s “Watchmaker argument”, three clues are discovered that reveal the evidence of intelligent design. Your students will then be introduced, through lectures, video presentations, and interactive discussion, to the three aspects of this new link between science and theology: a) investigating the effects of intelligent causes, b) the challenges that are posed to current naturalistic evolutionary theories and c) a deeper understanding of divine action.

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