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Revealing the Naturalist Intelligence through the Study of Nature

“The pattern recognizing talents of artists, poets, social scientists, and natural scientists are all built on the fundamental perceptual skills of the naturalist intelligence”Howard Gardner identifying the eighth form of intelligence in his recent book Intelligence Reframed

One of the best ways to experience the quality of our programming and the beauty of our camps is to schedule a visit and tour.  Contact us at any time to schedule your visit with us to observe classes and activities in session and, to take a tour of the camp to view the grounds and facilities.  Please plan on bringing along all of those that might have an interest, be sure to bring your camera and, plan on staying with us for a nice lunch.  We look forward to greeting you at camp!

To Schedule your visit and tour please contact us at your convenience.
Phone contact number:  (530) 205-7552
Email contact address: or Contact Us


Our Northern California facility is Salvation Army Camp Del Oro.

Physical Address for driving directions:
Salvation Army Camp Del Oro
17631 Lake Vera/Purdon Road
Nevada City, CA 95959


Our Southern California facility is Thousand Pines Christian Camp and Conference Center.

Physical Address for driving directions:
Thousand Pines Christian Camp
359 Thousand Pines Road
Crestline, CA 92325